Self-love is so important for our inner souls

Self-love is so important for our inner souls!

Ask yourself, are you happy? Sure, you smile and are pleasant toward others around you, but are you truly happy? I ask this question, because many of us forget that self-love is so important for our inner souls to thrive with happy.  As humans, many of us are often searching for the one thing to make us happy – the perfect love, relationship, house, career, a family, material objects, I could go on and on, you get the picture.  Honestly, the answer is inside you and all the little things that surround you everyday 🙂

In order to be in the moment for those you love and give them the best of you, you have to love yourself always.  Always talk nicely to yourself.  So what if you ate to much in one sitting!  Instead of beating yourself up with negative self-talk, tell yourself the next meal you will do better and be more mindful of your eating.  Stop comparing yourself to others! You do not need to be thinner, just healthier. You do not need the fanciest cloths! Find your style that you are comfortable in and exudes your confidence.  When you go to a place where you are having negative self-talk thoughts, INSERT A NEW THOUGHT. I know it sounds hokey. Here is a small example I’ve used with my son:  He was being really hard on himself for missing some basketball shots, he said “I shouldn’t even try to shoot, I should pass the ball every time”.  I said, “how about instead of making yourself feel bad you tell yourself you will practice shooting and next time you know you will do better”. Negative self-talk can do a number on our psyche in so many ways. None of us are perfect and if we know we are doing our best and taking care of our thoughts in a positive mind-set we will attract all the beauty and happiness around us.  Take care of your mind, body, inner soul and your happy will pour out to all of those around you for them to soak up. I am a strong believer no one takes better care of you than you, after all we are all a work in progress in our lives and you all have this.

Life is a Journey my Friends make it what you want it to be!



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