Let your happy shine always :)

There are always situations that try to dim our happy and dull our light, but never ever let this happen. Agreed not all situations are happy, but it is your reaction to the situation that either dims or keeps your light. So, you or someone you know may be going through something tough that brings you down and your happy is struggling to shine. We all have those times or as I like to call them “moments” where your smile is just not there. Take your “moment” and allow those feelings to come out in whatever way they have to. You know, yell, hit a pillow, cry it out, run it out, etc., If we do not process these negative emotions they will weigh down our inner soul and not allow us to fully be present in our happy. Once you have had your moment, turn your face to the sky, take a deep breath, let that breath out, and smile. Smiling releases happy pheromones that automatically brings you back to your happy. It may take more than one deep breath, but trust me it works. Here is a small example: My virtual mentor that I follow everywhere, and some day will meet her, has us smile half way through her virtual workouts.  The muscle gaining fat burning workouts take about 35 minutes and when we are half way through she says, “make sure you are checking in with your body, take a deep breath and smile.” I have to say the second half of the workout flies by and my inner soul seriously feels lighter.

Remember we are all human and are allowed our “moments”, but get back on track and SMILE.  Some of my favorite people are the ones that make eye contact and if they are not smiling, I give them one of mine. Try it, smile at everyone you come across and if they do not have a smile they will when they see yours. A bonus, your beautiful souls will feel better and your happy will shine to all those around you. After all, every day is a new day and l I am a strong believer we are all a work in progress in our own lives.

Life is a Journey my Friends make it what you want it to be!



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