Confidence is our inner soul’s way of connecting with other amazing souls :)

Confidence is our inner soul’s way of connecting with other amazing souls 🙂

We all see those amazing people that walk into a room and seem to own it as they mingle through. Those people that everyone around them are drawn to as they pass them by, like a magnet. Those people that have an amazing energy that we all want to be touched by, because it is just that “amazing”.

Why can’t we all have that confidence and be this amazing energy we are awe struck by when it enters a room. Oh, we can, we all have it in us, we just have to grab hold of it, and own it like a boss. You ask how to find this amazing confidence? Well the answer is so simple and it is already in YOU!  Know who you are and how amazing you are. Once YOU know how amazing YOU are then everyone around you will see it, because you will be the amazing energy everyone wants to be touched by. We all have those moments when we do not feel at the top of our game, but at these times remind yourself how amazing you are, what you have to offer, and your confidence will rise as all the amazing energy does. When I say, “own it like a boss”, I do not mean to think you are better than others. I know you get this, what I mean is be the best version of yourself and give all you have to offer to those around you. These amazing traits you have to offer are who you are and people see these amazing traits when you, “own them like a boss”.

This is such a simple example: Our 12-year-old son has taken on my, “dress who you are” motto. For me, I like work dressy (furry shrugs w/ skirts), to super casual (flannel, jeans w/ stocking caps) and people see me in it all.  I dress for my day, how I am feeling, and I own it when I walk out the door. Our 12-year-old often has two different socks on, baggy shirts, baggy pants, and until recently floppy long hair that was in his eyes. Some people jokingly have given him a hard time. I finally would say, “does his look bother you or him, because he seems to 100% fine with the way he looks and who he is”. He owns his look of the moment, because he is young and has gone through appearance phases with many more to come. So, for your inner souls to shine with amazing energy outward- own who you are, and your confidence will draw other amazing souls to you. After all I am a strong believer we are all a work in progress in our lives and you all have this.

Life is a Journey my Friends, make it what you want it to be!




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