Accountability can make you your best self :)

Going into the new year many people set New Year’s Resolutions, goals, intentions, or whatever you may call them. As we are all different when it comes to this ideology, I personally want to become a better version of myself. Not by setting up a to do list of items to accomplish, but to be accountable for myself. As I have said in a past blog, “You need to take care of YOU and LOVE you first, in order to give your very best and love to others in the way they deserve”.   With taking care of ourselves come choices in which we are accountable for in every way shape and form: From moving our bodies to get a form exercise, what we put in our bodies for nutrition, what we read to better our minds, when we allow ourselves to sit/be in our own thoughts, words we choose when we are speaking to others… These are all choices we make to hold ourselves accountable every day and every moment. As you become mindful of all the different areas in your life that you are accountable for to become the best version of yourself, remember to be gentle with you. There is no quitting and starting over. There is only forgiveness and choosing again. One bad choice just means you have the opportunity to choose a better one in the next moment. What has not worked in the past will not work now, so we have to come at everything with forgiveness and love. A few simple examples: 1) If you ate a food in the moment that is not good for your body, that is ok. Choose a better food the next time you go to eat. 2) You missed a scheduled workout, but one workout is not going to be the end all, forgive yourself and get back on track tomorrow. 3) The wrong words came out to someone or maybe were interpreted in the wrong way. Apologize for the words and move on, we are human and sometimes have a bad moment.

Becoming mindful and more accountable in different areas of your life does not happen instantly, it is a moment to moment, day to day practice of self-love. You are a role model for yourself, your family, children, co-workers, and friends so you must make time to treat yourself with love, and take care of you. It is NOT selfish… It is the ultimate selflessness. It creates energy to give more, do more, be more, and become the best version of yourself for all those around you. Being tired, sad, and unhappy is not serving you or your family, so always be accountable for yourself in every moment. After all I am a strong believer we are all a work in progress in our lives and you all have this.

Life is a Journey my Friends, make it what you want it to be!




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