Always be kind and use your kindness to lighten someone’s day, including your own :)

As small children we all are kind, because we do not know any different. Then we grow and the world changes us: from the product of our environment or being treated unkind by others around us. I thrive on being kind and making others feel good, letting someone know how much I appreciate them for who they are in my life, a compliment to someone I know or a complete stranger for their shoes – hair – laugh – amazing smile, a general text – note – voicemail – email letting someone know I hope their extraordinary self is having a great day – week – life, etc., etc., Even those who walk around with confidence, a smile, looking like they have a charmed life may be going through something heavy that the rest of us know nothing about. Their souls need a little added light to their day and just a few kind words can lighten up whatever heaviness they may be carrying around.

I love to tell this story, because it makes me feel good that our 12-year-old is listening and practicing what he hears. We were at a local store and Jake my 12-year-old was getting a clearance watch that was too big. We asked the jewelry clerk to take out some of the links.  She was less then excited to help us with this task as if it was a big inconvenience. As she walked away I sadly whispered to Jake, “I do not think she likes her job very much”.  After several back and fourths of trying on the watch and removing links the watch fit, yay. As the clerk put the extra links in the box and handed it to Jake he said, “Thank you for your time, have a good rest of your day”. The clerk looked stunned and stumbled over her words with a small smile and a, “you too”. My cup runneth over with so much love for that young man to go out of his way to make the sales clerk have a little light in the rest of her day.

Always be kind and use kindness to lighten someone’s day, including your own. I always find when I am having a rough moment, sending out a few random texts to those I love in my life will instantly help me feel better when they respond back with a text and maybe even with a little happy emoji. After all friends are the family we pick to be a part of our lives even if we do not see them every day or every week we know they are there and checking in with them always makes our and their inner souls feel a little lighter and happier. Going out of your way to be kind will lift your inner soul and those around you, even if it has to be a small daily practice.  After all I am a strong believer we are all a work in progress in our lives and you all have this.

Life is a Journey my Friends, make it what you want it to be!






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