You choose who you are from the stories that are your life!

As children we are innocent and hopeful without a care in the world. We have grownups that take care for us by keeping us clothed, fed, warm, and comforted. As children we laugh, play, are silly, creative, and on a daily basis we learn about the world around us. As we grow, there are happy times, silly times, sad times, maybe hard times, etc., These times change us making us a little lighter hearted or maybe a little heavier hearted. Honestly everyone has their happy or sad stories that have made them who they are today. It is those stories that make us who we are and mold us into who we choose to be. You read that right, “WHO WE CHOOSE TO BE”. Are you a victim of your circumstances or are you a survivor? A victim always has an excuse on why everyone or every situation around them is against them. You know, poor me, poor me. A survivor is someone who finds the good in every day. Which one do you CHOOSE to be?

We have all met those people that every time you see them they have a smile on their face, say they are doing great, have a confidence in their presence, and seem like they have the world in their hands. You think WOW, they live a charmed life. The truth is they do live a charmed life, because they have learned that their only competition is becoming a better version of their self every day they open their eyes and their feet hit the floor. They are survivors of their circumstances, because guaranteed they have a story to tell. They have learned to rise above anything that made their heart heavy and be grateful for all the little things in their daily life. It could be a story of trying to lose weight and every day is a struggle. Those moments of making a bad food choice could be, “well that rep should not bring those donuts in” OR “Ugh, I shouldn’t have eaten that – I know this – I will keep a healthy snack with me during the day, so I do not eat that kind of temptation”. See victim or survivor! When you have your hard moments, understanding some are heart wrenching moments, feel what the moment is telling you. Then ask your higher power, whom ever this is to you, God – Buddha- The Universe, “Please give me the strength to rise above this fear-based feeling”. Insert an affirmation or gratitude to take your thoughts back to your happy positive place. Controlling your fear-based thoughts takes time and will not happen overnight, but with consistency you will live a charmed and peaceful life that your inner soul will thank you for. After all I am a strong believer we are all a work in progress in our lives and you all have this thing called life.

Life is a Journey my Friends, make it what you want it to be!



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