Non-Judgmental is a sense of oneness – love, light, compassion, and kindness

We are born with so many traits that are often at the surface or they show themselves when needed for a situation. There are traits in some of us that allow us to take charge and remain calm in moments of distress, such as an accident or a fire. Everyone’s traits and emotions are shown differently in different situations. One of my favorite traits in myself and others is compassion. It is such an unselfish trait that shows integrity we carry in our inner souls to send love and light out to all those we have contact with.

Having a child has taught me that compassion has so much more meaning than sympathy for another going through a hard time. Compassion is also being non-judgmental of another’s situation, choices, lifestyle, etc. Judgement is often the root of so many problems if we are judging others or ourselves, it’s so bad that we barely realize we’re doing it. When we judge we separate from the sense of oneness – love, light, compassion, and kindness. With this separation we feel an unconscious sense of guilt, because we turn our back on our truth. When this guilt surfaces we do not want to feel this guilt, so we project the guilt more by judging more including judging ourselves. It becomes a vicious cycle and we need to break the pattern, so we can be non-judgmental. This allows our souls to listen to others with our whole heart – love, light, compassion, and kindness.

We all know the concept of not complaining for an entire day, then the next day, then the next day, etc. Until we tend to find the positives no matter how small throughout our days, so the negatives are no longer there. Being non-judgmental is the same concept. Start with listening to those talking to you and the universe for an entire day. Yep, listen! Do not give advice, do not make judgments in your head, plain and simple LISTEN! You will be astounded how light you feel by taking others and your surroundings in without judging. Your sense of oneness – love, light, compassion, and kindness, will radiate to all those around you. What I have learned in life is if I am not walking in someone’s shoes, living their life day in/out, I really have no idea what they are internally going through, and have no right to judge others. Sometimes we have to be there for others and may not even know it, because they may be dealing or fighting an internal battle we know nothing about. After all I am a strong believer we are all a work in progress in our lives and small acts of kindness never go unnoticed by the universe.

Life is a Journey my Friends, make it what you want it to be!



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