When you can, be vulnerable, share your story

The best people in our lives are the ones who take the time to get to know us, the ones we can be completely vulnerable with. They know our happy stories, our sad stories, and all our stories that are part of our paths not who we are. Stories are a part of our pasts that may or may not become beliefs that we have told ourselves, but these stories are NOT WHO WE ARE.

What has brought this to my attention is recently someone said to me, “you are always so happy and positive, not all of us live such a charmed life”. Boy did that stop me in my path and I was like, “whoa, hold the boat”. Then I realized if we don’t get vulnerable with those around us they won’t know that we have past stories and struggles good/bad, we just do not dwell in these stories they make us stronger. Getting vulnerable is something I once viewed as a weakness. In reality telling our stories and being truly vulnerable allows others to know they are not alone if they have gone through the same things. It also sends lessons out there for others to learn and grow from as we ourselves have. Myself personally take the lessons from past negative stories and grow rather than dwell in the negativity.

We can have the nice homes, nice vehicles, nice clothes, nice accessories, nice THINGS in general, but none of this makes us who we are internally, “things” are only our surface. I believe with all my heart we are made by our moments, our quality/quantity of time spent with family and friends, all the little things we say and do for those we care about. So, for someone to say that I have a charmed life hasn’t walked in my shoes to see why I choose to be positive, happy, and upbeat. I am fortunate for all the love and light I am surrounded by everyday with family and friends around me that allow me to live a charmed life. When you can, be VULNERABLE, share your story, let those you cherish know what you have been through in life and why you choose to grow and be strong. After all I am a strong believer we are all a work in progress in our lives and with being vulnerable we create a sense of belonging with family and friends we truly cherish.

Life is a Journey my Friends, make it what you want it to be!



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