Perfectionism is our fears that hold us back

Perfectionism is our fears that hold us back from starting to move forward to “Be Our Best Selves”.

When we are young, our subconscious takes on our surroundings and begins to mold us into who we think we are. As a self-development junkie concentrating on – Self-Love – Accountability/Wellness Coaching – Motivational Specialist – I love to help others to, “Be Their Best Selves”. There are so many of our own thoughts that can hold us back from moving forward in our lives and being the amazing souls we are.  Our thoughts of thinking we need to have the right environment, having just the right program to put out, having the right inspiration around, having a motivational talk perfectly ready, a need to be in the healthiest fit body, circumstances in our homes, etc. We feel these areas and more areas need to be PERFECT before we can move forward and act on our amazing thoughts. What it comes down to is the need to have everything perfect!

Perfectionism is our fears that hold us back from starting to move forward to “Be Our Best Selves”. We think we need to be perfect, that we are not good enough, comparing ourselves to others, feeling like we are not valuable or worthy. We need to get out of our own way and allow the imperfections to come through, so we can get the work done and STOP holding ourselves back! When we over prepare or over perfect something, we are not leaving room for the universe to bring us the amazing opportunities that are meant to fill our inner souls and touch those around us. We have to trust that our daily life is actually where we should be working from. Follow your inner wisdom and inner guidance with less perfectionism and prepping to allow you to work from your authentic self. The universe is always conspiring in your favor. If an opportunity comes your way that you feel enthusiastic/excited about, grab it and run with your enthusiasm/excitement!  Your enthusiasm/excitement is telling you that your true authentic self is ready to take you to the next level of where you need to be no matter what part of your life it is.

Leave some space for when you don’t think you’re ready. Something doesn’t have to feel perfect to move forward, BUT TAKE THE LEAP. If something does not work out perfectly it is ok, because it is all part of your journey. The only thing stopping us “is us” – lean in, show up, and move forward with trusting your inner guidance that you are going the right direction. After all, I’m a strong believer we are all a work in progress in our lives and we can all acknowledge our fears based from the perfectionism that’s holding us back.  Move past these thoughts to move forward to where you need to be in all areas of your life.

Life is a Journey my Friends, make it what you want it to be!





One thought on “Perfectionism is our fears that hold us back

  1. 👍..very well said ..that perfectionism is our fear .. seriously….many times happens is we never allow ourselves to perform, to open out ..what we want to ..jz bcz we think ..It should be Perfect..
    But actually to start at somewhere..we atleast should give it a Try ..


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