Take the turn in the road, make an opening in your life

Success, being successful, goals put in place to reach our successes, boy so and so sure has it all, etc., etc., etc., We hear these phrases through life in all venues:  careers/work, relationships, families, friendships, extracurricular activities, you all get the picture. Everyone’s ideal of successes are different. For some it is reaching that high dollar goal in life, being financially independent, having the family they always wanted, the home, the car, the feeling of going to bed at night knowing they gave their best throughout the day. The scenarios are endless on what success is to ourselves, those around us, and what we see of others may not be what they consider their successes.

Societies taboo that we do not talk about our failures. In reality failures are not taboo. Failures are turns in the road that guide us to take a different path. These new paths bring us to inspirations that fill our inner souls, our passions. These passions are no brainers, because they come naturally to us. We have all read the stories of a high powered corporate America career person that gave it all up and followed a path of less stress. These paths may have started out with less income and little knowledge. With any passion comes the hunger for knowledge to learn all about the subject. This eventually turns into a successful path that we did not even know was an option and a new career is born.

Where am I going with all of this! Do not see the end of careers/work, relationships, families, friendships, extracurricular activities, et., as failures. See these ends as making an opening for something bigger and better. Inspirations that drive our inner souls to take a chance on something we normally would not no matter what venue it falls into it. Think about it, if you are in a career/work or relationship that is just not filling you positively, the universe is not going to send you something bigger to put your fabulous energy into. Take the turn in the road, make an opening in your life, and see what amazing journey is around the corner. After all we are all a work in progress in our lives and the unknowns sometimes becomes the most amazing fairytales.

Life is a Journey my Friends, make it what you want it to be!




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