Be a soulful friend and cherish your soulful friends

Friendships that you learn from, grow from, that make you happy on the inside, and smile on the outside should always be cherished. These are amazing relationships that we carry with us through our life. We have all seen that saying, “life is not about the quantity of friends you have. It is about the quality of friends you have”. This is true in so many ways! There may be certain friends you do not see for weeks or months, you may not have regular daily contact with in any way, but when you get together it is like you just spoke yesterday J. These are the souls that are meant to be carried in your heart and cherished always.

Friendships come in so many different packages: the friends you can have soulful conversations with, the friends you have a lot of the same personality traits with, the friends you go on adventures with, the friends you can hang out and just be with, etc., All friendships serve a purpose, but the friends you can totally be vulnerable with and let your true self shine are important. These friendships are one of your soulmates and are meant to be with you forever J. Soulmates are not always romantic relationships, they are soulful and rare relationships that come in all packages. If you are a couple it is important to have couple friends that you can do things with, but it is also very important to have separate friends to do things with on your own. Obviously as a couple there are things that you have in common, but there are always certain activity’s or likes that you do not have in common. Items you do not have in common with your partner is where your separate friends come into play to fill your inner soul. Having a different group of friends also allows us to learn and grow from each other, because who wants to always stay the same.

One of my favorite all time sayings is, “friends are like stars, you do not always see them, but you know they are there”. One of my best friends that I have known for 24+ years will be there forever. We live in different states, but stay in touch as much as possible, have been on some amazing adventures, totally can hang out and just watch tv, can party like rock stars (ok, maybe not anymore ;),), can talk for hours about everything and nothing, totally one of my lifelong soulmates. If a friendship feels strained or there has been a lot of time that with no contact, reach out to this friend. With all the technology one quick text to say, “Hi” or “Miss you and appreciate you”, goes a long way and will be sure to brighten someone’s day with a smile. Be a soulful friend and cherish your soulful friends. After all we are all a work in progress in our lives and this is how we become our best selves.

Life is a Journey my Friends, make it what you want it to be!




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